kdsg_customCustom designed work can be made to fit your needs such as panels, windows, cabinet inserts, signs, mirrors, wedding gifts and tiles. An interview process will provide me with information to make your special piece. Your photographs can sometimes provide helpful references for me.

Design work can be done with a computerized graphic design program made especially for stained glass. Coloring is done from actual glass images that can be inserted into each piece of the design, simulating with visual accuracy how the finished piece might look. A background can also be included to suggest how the piece might look in your space, through your window! Design and color changes can be sent by e-mail, so that visits to the studio can be minimal or in some cases unnecessary. Allowing me artistic freedom to make changes as the work progresses is advised.

The maximum size for a custom piece is 30” X 30”. Larger spaces should be architecturally separated with wood frame work. I can make your panel to an exact size, but I do not install. I prefer to work directly with the installer before starting work to be assured of sizing and other details.

Cost is determined by size, details, and type of glass. It can be as low as $250. a square foot, and more with fine details, lots of painting, fusing and/or premium glass. A design deposit is required, but is applied to the total cost. A second deposit of at least 25% is collected when all details are finalized. Scheduling is determined based on previous commitments.

Gift certificates for custom work is available.